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Daily Money Manager.

A Daily Money Manager brings clarity and order to an individual’s daily management of personal bills, budgets and record keeping.

There are many reasons a person might need the services of a daily money manager. Naples Professional Bookkeeping assists people who might seek help with their day-to-day finances including the elderly, someone with a disability, busy professionals, or people who travel frequently for business or pleasure.

Getting assistance means keeping independence...
When working with a DMM, the senior and the involved family members remain in complete control of their finances. At the same time, on a regular basis, they receive support in managing and organizing the day-to-day financial responsibilities of a household and the senior individual. Often, the DMM will come into the home and assist a senior with organizing mail and paperwork, paying bills, reconciling credit card statements, day-to-day banking, budgeting, and organizing records and receipts in preparation for income tax filing, and more. Ultimately, the DMM provides a comprehensive approach to managing the household’s paperwork and keeping the senior as independent as possible.


Business Bookkeeping Service.

Naples Professional Bookkeeping understands the responsibility for the small business owner to maintain accurate financial records. Not only for yearend tax purposes, but also to maximize profits. I work alongside your business to help ensure your long-term success by giving you the accurate and timely tracking of your business expenses and income so you can better manage and direct your company.  From accounts payables and accounts receivables to bank reconciliations Naples Professional Bookkeeping can help the you, the small business owner, maintain your bookkeeping and financial records "on site" or remotely utilizing QuickBooks® and Microsoft® Office products.  Not only do I have the experience in maintaining accurate financial statements, I have over 20 years of management experience as well. I have worked in food service, retail, utilities and the automotive industry.

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